Our Token: CAURI

The token created by CIVERSIA carries a series of benefits and characteristics that unite aspects from use by us to end-customer use by our users


Due to the nature of the project, which covers the need to give people a tool from the which can develop and design a monoverse in which to develop their work / economic activity or simply using a showcase to the world as a means of marketing.

We believe necessary the implementation of a means that allows an internal economy suitable both for the performance of the tool, for the maintenance of the project and to provide extra benefits that provide added value to our clients and their clients


based On Polygon

CAURI, the currency of CIVERSIA, is located under the Polygon network, which allows us to easily scale the functionalities we need, and at the same time, direct the field of custom security, which is a factor that is of the utmost importance to us. given the context of cyber attacks in the crypto environment.

Polygon, at the same time, is a protocol that allows transactions to be sent quickly and with low gas consumption, which allows us to provide an exceptional service that is easy to use and simple for investors.


The reason for the issue is to reinforce our community, giving them the opportunity to participate in a complete project, with a promising future in which the community is an active participant.

The initial objective, which may vary depending on the time and the different cases, is to list our token in the main exchanges in a period of one year based on the amount of liquidity provided by the community, so that we can afford the expenses and fees according to the peculiarities of the different platforms when doing it.


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